SK Language’s first Program: Christmas Camp

We recently hosted Christmas Camp!

During winter break from school we hosted a camp called Kids Christmas Camp. For seven days we had daily Spanish lessons, crafts and games, plus lots of time for free play. The camp was a success and we hope to do it again for spring break. We’re looking for a location to do a large summer camp this summer.

Thanks to Eve for being the best camp counselor ever! The children stayed very busy and had a lot of fun.

Reviews From Parents
“Both of my children attended the camp. My daughter is 7 and my son is 2 and a half. They both had a lot of fun. Each day they would bring home different crafts. My daughter enjoyed learning Spanish a lot. They were always entertained and always looked forward each morning to going. I am personally very happy with the Christmas camp. I hope they do a spring break camp. My kids will be definitely going . Good job. Eve is amazing.”

“My boys had such a great time at the Christmas Camp. They did lots of arts and craft, and learned along the way. They even baked cookies. Excellent camp! Can’t wait for the next.”

Review From a Camper
“It’s great.”




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