A Little Help Towards Becoming Your Children’s Spanish-Immersion Teacher

Do you wish you could introduce vocabulary and start discussions with your children in Spanish off the cuff, but you’re not quite able to pull it off? Need some hand holding? SpanishPlayground.net has the perfect lesson plans for you. They’re FREE!  If you can read basic Spanish, you can engage children of all ages with these activities.

Each lesson plan includes a photo to look at online, and a teacher’s script, which you can read from another devise, since you can’t show the photo, and scroll down to read the script at the same time. Here’s what you’ll do:

Image result for learn spanish pictures sledding

Show your children the photo while you read the description in Spanish.

Read questions about the photo that the children can respond to by pointing, counting, saying yes or no, or repeating one of the words you just said.

For more challenge, there are questions which ask the children to speak about themselves.  The lessons were designed by an experienced Spanish teacher who is also a native speaker, and she really knows how to write questions appropriate for children with limited vocabulary.

The lessons are sweet and simple.  The method is more natural, effective and enjoyable than grammar study.  The scripts are there to hold your hand every step of the way.

For about 35 FREE lesson plans, complete with photos and scripts for you to follow, go to Spanish Playground  For help pronouncing the words, search YouTube for videos of the descriptions.


If you enjoy these lessons, you can use all 35, and by that time, maybe you won’t need any more lessons plans because you’ll be able to describe other pictures or scenes, and make up your own questions.

Here is an example of a good picture to use for making up your own Picture Talk lesson.

Image result for high five magazine that's silly

This picture comes from High Five Magazine.  The magazine comes in English and bilingual editions.  The magazines come in the mail addressed to your child.  If you have a 2-6 year old who already owns too many toys and clothes, request a High Five Magazine subscription for Christmas from Grandma.

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