The Easiest Spanish Book In The World

You can read some Spanish, but you’ve never read a whole book.  What is the first Spanish book you should buy?

I wish I could recommend some authentic children’s literature written by a dapper Spaniard, but I haven’t found anything better than Pobre Ana.

See the source image

Here is the author of Pobre Ana teaching a language lesson.

See the source image

Pobre Ana was written for high school language students.  It’s long enough to make you feel like you’ve read a real book (about 40 pages).  It’s easy enough that you won’t get too frustrated.  Every word is translated in the back of the book.  

Pobre Ana is completely wholesome.  It doesn’t have anything objectionable. You’ll be proud of yourself for reading a whole Spanish book.




And remember to break off into media by-and-for Spanish speakers as soon as you can.



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