How To Use HelloTalk

HelloTalk is Wonderful

Speaking with kind native speakers will take your language skills to a new level. You can find native speakers to talk to on the app HelloTalk.

The app is really free. People are really there to learn languages. I’ve used it for a couple months and it’s legit.

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How It Works

You tell the app that you speak English and what language you want to learn. In no-time-flat native speakers of your target language will be sending you written and audio messages. A lot of people on the app want to master English, and they will be eager to talk to you. After exchanging a few messages, try calling someone to chat in your target language for 10-20 minutes, and then chat in English for 10-20 minutes.

Attracting More Language Partners

You can attract more people by posting on the message board, which is called Moments. Write a few interesting sentences in your target language and natives will notice. Also, respond to other people’s posts. You will soon have dozens of followers.

Always Remember To Improve Your Language Skills

Don’t waste time talking to anyone who doesn’t speak your target language much. If they use English 95% of the time, don’t call them or spend time sending them messages. Chatting in English doesn’t help you learn Spanish.

When you find someone you like, who speaks your target language about half of the time, try to arrange to call them at least a couple times a week.

For heaven’s sake, do not join a group that debates the definitions of obscure English phrases and talks about grammar – in English. Those same groups also spend a lot of time sending emojis and saying things like, “Hey, Jan!” “What’s up, Mark?” “Cool!” “How are you, Tina?” “Fabulous, John.” “I’m here, Mark.” It’s insipid. Avoid them.



Afraid to use HelloTalk because you’re afraid to speak with natives?

Another kind of language exchange

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