Rosetta Stone Will Not Get You Fluent

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You’ll be ready to handle any situation and sound great doing it.

You’ll be confident that you know what to say and how to say it.

And who knows, you might just get mistaken for a local!

That sounds great!  Rosetta Stone says their program gets great results.  Now let’s hear that from people who used Rosetta Stone to become fluent in English.

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Let’s see YouTube videos of Americans speaking the foreign languages they learned from Rosetta Stone.

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No one got fluent from Rosetta Stone.

If you don’t believe me, do some online research for yourself.  You will not find people claiming they are fluent from Rosetta Stone.

If Rosetta Stone made people fluent, their faithful customers would be singing it’s praises in all kinds of languages.  The fact that no customers are claiming to be fluent proves that

Rosetta Stone does not get people fluent.

I know this is disappointing.  Here is even more bad news:

No other course will make you fluent, either.

No course will make you fluent

You can use a course as a start to learning another language, but if you use a course, you’ve got to go beyond the course to reach fluency.

Two ways to become fluent are detailed in the links below.  They are not courses and they do not earn me any money.  I tell you about them because I care about the cause.  Let’s get fluent together!

Language Exchange with Poly-glot-a-lot, Jeff Brown

The Best Language Learning Method You’ve Never Heard of: Antimoon












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