The Mother’s Six Month Head Start in Language Learning

You’ve decised to dust off your high school Spanish skills and introduce your child to the language.

Your accent needs a 6 month head start

Cute foreign accents like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s make a person stand out from the crowd. They’re adorable.

Accents which are so thick that you can hardly believe it’s English are painful to listen to. It’s cringey. I won’t imbed a YouTube video of someone speaking this way because I don’t want to be mean. You know what I am talking about.

Wouldn’t it be ridiculous if a person who spoke English with a HORRIBLE accent started teaching other people to speak English?

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Why don’t the natives understand me?

You could be speaking your second language that badly! You’re so unfamiliar with the language that you don’t realize how far from the mark you are! Listen to the language a lot and try to pronounce words like a native speaker. In six months you will not sound native but you’ll have a cute accent. You’ll be good enough to teach your child numbers 1-10, colors, farm animals and so on.

I repeat: Try your best to speak without any foreign accent. (You won’t be able to, but you wont be painful to listen to) Remember: Shoot for the stars (and reach the moon.)

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