MIA: Matt’s Mass Immersion Approach


Matt learned Japanese by following AJATT and he posted proof that he is now bilingual by speaking Japanese in this video. He recommends some improvements to AJATT and calls it The Mass Immersion Approach.

The Mass Immersion Approach

Phase I, Year One
learn about language acquision
establish a sleeping schedule
read about meditation, start meditating
watch media in Japanese (sometimes with subtitles in Japanese)
learn hiragana, katakana and kanji (Japanese writing)

Phase II, Year Two
watch Japanese Media (sometimes with Japanese subtitles)
make and use flash cards
learn more kanji and learn about pitch accent
Read visual novels, light novels and novels
continue sleeping well and meditating

Phase III, Year Three, Fluent by the end of the year
continue what you did in phase II
start speaking. Converse with native speakers (can be via Skype)
learn every new word you come across

Phase IV, Approaching Native Ability Year IV+
continue what you did in phase II and III but no flash cards
Fill in the holes in your knowledge
repeat after someone, imitate the way they speak
learn Japanese history and culture

Matt’s YouTube channel, Matt vs. Japan has more information about this method.

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